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Timelapse video creation. Cоздание тайлапс видео. 4k 4096*1716px

Cоздание тайлапс видео. выравнивание изображений , снятых с разных точек и с разным направлением фотосъемки .Create time-lapse video. Alignment of images taken from different points and with different directions of photography.

We need someone who can take several hundred images we supply you with and align them (pixel perfect) to create smooth time lapse videos.
In the past we have had success using Adobe After Effects and the ‘Image Warp Stabilizer’ effect AND/OR other programs such as Photoshop to align the images. We just don’t have the time anymore. Sometimes AE and Photoshop do a good job at aligning, other times there is a lot of manual adjustment to make it perfect. it’s different for every job.

Immediate job is two Time-Lapse videos (1x 100 photos 1x 200 photos) They would form 1x 10sec video and 1x 15 second video (roughly).

We are not looking for someone to simply put the images in sequence on a timeline and export, we can do that. We need someone who can align them all perfect to counter the movement of the camera.

ATTACHED — an image from each of the time lapses. 1. Underground demolition 2. Above ground (the tower in the middle will disappear during the time lapse and can’t be used as a tracking point)

Must be done this weekend (next 24/48 hours if possible).

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